AME Wheels Makes your Car Perform Efficiently

Published: 26th September 2011
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The AME (Auto Mobile Engineering) wheel brand is developed by Kyoho and manufactured by Enkei in Japan. AME is considered to be Japanís premier, major luxury wheel brand and is actively involved within the ultra competitive, enthusiast markets. AME Wheels are produced in the same factory as Enkei's Formula 1 wheels. AME wheels are offered in one and two piece designs. Aftermarket Wheels are mandatory if you are a serious driver. On the street or on the track you cannot afford to use stock wheels and tires. AME Wheels is a brand with distinction and a brand which has gained the fame and notoriety for adorning the top Japanese luxury show cars.

Serious drivers must have the proper equipment to accomplish their goals. Racing tires hold the road better and stop quicker as they warm up. AME Wheels are manufactured in Japan by Enkei and are one of the leading wheel manufacturers in Japan. Having the right tires for your particular driving conditions is a must for you to win a sure shot race. The AME Shallen Series is considered a top shareholder in Japan for high-end, dress-up sedans, minivans and sports wheel applications. AME prides itself on offering a complete line of truly high-end, premium aluminum alloy wheels for the different automotive genres including high-end Sports, VIP / Luxury / Euro, and K/Compact car categories.

AME Wheels also provide special order custom offsets in some wheels. Now a day, AME Wheels make a variety of sports and VIP oriented wheels for a wide range of cars. Tracer TM02′s in 18◊11.0 +10 is the perfect example of wheel from AME Wheels for those running widebody/fender flares on your Evo 8, 9, or 10. This setup can also be used in the same fashion on many of the Nissan vehicles as well. AME rims possess all of the attributes of a high-quality, Japanese-produced wheel line and when it comes to fit and finish they're amongst the best.

So when you are looking to conquer other racers or roll in sheer elegance then look no further than AME Wheels. AME aluminum wheels are made of quality products and are made from the highest quality possible. However, due to its late entry into the North American market it is lesser known amongst its peers. AME Wheels guarantees that your rideís exterior appearance is enhanced. AME rims are actually a great alternative to the more known brands and will definitely set your ride apart from other like it on the road.

Jhon Ford is the author of this article. For more information about BBS LM Wheels and DPE Wheels please follow this link AME Wheels.

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